Model contract for landlords

The MyKot model contract

The rules for renting student rooms are different from those of regular housing. The MyKot model contract is a type of rental agreement for student housing in Brussels and was updated in 2023 by Brik and PLE. It is available in Dutch, French and English.

The model contract is largely inspired by the Brussels statutory but optional 'student housing rental agreement'. It deviates from this at some points. By doing so, Brik and PLE want to guarantee affordability, create clarity about contracts that expire and preserve the balance between the landlord and the student-tenant.

This model contract is a reference document, but mandatory for all landlords who let a kot via MyKot. However, some provisions are not essential, so deviation is possible, but only after approval from Brik and/or PLE.

A fillable copy can be downloaded here.

Through MyKot, a landlord can create an already completed copy for a specific room via the contract generator.

Balance between landlord and student

Initially, rental legislation contained few detailed rules regarding the rental of student rooms. The legislation allowed, and still allows, large deviations from the basic rules. This leads to the strongest contracting party being able to determine the rules of the contract. This is not always to the student's advantage.

Building on the work of Dutch-language colleges and universities, Brik and PLE have created a model contract that

  • is completely free of charge

  • maintains a balance between the rights and obligations of landlord and student,

  • provides for mediation by Brik and PLE, the organisations behind MyKot

  • provides certainty and clarity for both parties.